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7:21 a.m. - 2022-12-07
Cozy Time
It really IS the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Yesterday was crazy busy! I set out to look in thrift stores once again for wall art! What I decided on was one 23 x 23 coastal art pic and a myriad of small frames that would accommodate some of my adventure pictures! I luckily hit a 50% off sale at Habitat Restore and bought everything I needed there! I then went to Home Depot and got some plants to spruce up my back stoop.

I took a couple hours off to relax and saw Bones and All, a very creepy and unsettling movie. Having the unlimited pass allows me to see everything I’m even remotely interested in for only the cost yesterday of a half price popcorn. I had enough points for the drink.

I stopped in at a tree lot and took a bunch of greens that were trimmed from trees, available for free. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a bow and hoop and finished my wreath with fairy lights I had on my bedroom wall.

I planted the plants and built a fire to sit beside for my meeting. Monday was 9 months since I last used weed. Makes me feel very good.

I made teriyaki salmon with broccoli and basmati rice for dinner and it was delicious. I’ve been enjoying my protein balls. A great use for otherwise pretty yuck peanut butter. First time I’ve eaten hemp hearts and they are good! I think around 9 or more grams protein each ball. My protein was a little low last week and it was better this week.

Another busy day ahead. Start packing for the trip and tidy up around here. I’m slowly getting organized! Would like to take a bike ride too! I need to get back to moving more!

For now, I’m still in bed, finally stopped the guilt over being lazy in the morning! I have my fake fire scene crackling away and I’m very cozy.


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