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11:47 a.m. - 2022-12-01
Life is Peaceful and Good
What a wonderfully pleasant weather day! I should be kayaking! It’s 72 and no rain in sight!

I popped into the office to collect some outdated baked goods. They are from Publix so I couldn’t pass!

I still have so much trouble getting used to being retired. I used to feel so guilty any time I missed work not feeling well! It’s like that. I feel like I “should” be doing something important. I AM doing some work around the house today. That will help.

Mike met Chevy Chase and Eric Roberts yesterday. Chevy flew on his plane.

Christine McVie died, from Fleetwood Mac. I don’t know what I thought life was but I was not prepared to see so many people I idolized earlier in life pass so young. Christine was 79, but that is only 15 short years from where I am. I’m currently feeling pretty good and have no reason to worry at this time but here I am. It took me so long to get things together and create a life that makes me happy and proud. It’s like finishing a wonderful meal. Leaves you wanting more.

I don’t want to die. There are days when I feel a bit lonely but most of the time I experience a peace I never dreamed I’d attain especially single! So many years I chased relationships to be happy. I have no desire now to clutter my life with another soul full time unless maybe an animal down the road.

Life is good.


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